1. Franchise Applicant will submit Letter of Intent
2. An application form will be provided to the Franchise Applicant
3. Screening and Validation
4. Signing of MOA
5. Final Review
6. Signing of Franchise Agreement
Financial Investments for franchising a restaurant starts at 10M PHP depending on the store size.

This does not include acquisition of the location.

The investment will be for the:

1. Construction of interior of the restaurant
2. Construction of Brick oven and exhaust system
3. Purchase and installation of kitchen equipment, furniture and fixtures.
4. Training of personnels
5. Pre-operating expenses
– The Franchise grant is for Five (5) year period applicable to a specific location only with an
option to renew for another five (5) years based on mutual agreements.
– Royalty of 5% of gross sales plus VAT

Should you wish to pursue you franchise application, send your formal Letter of Intent addressed